Alternate Reality Hallucinations


alternate reality hallucination: an hallucination that encompasses your whole experience, seems like a real three-dimensional experience, and, usually but not always, lasts for only a short period of time

ARX: an alternate reality hallucination

ARX memory: memory of an ARX, which seems almost as real as the actual ARX

Both ARXs and ARX memories, depending on their content, may trigger insanely intense emotional suffering.

eternal humiliation ARX: an ARX in which you absolutely believe that you are suffering never-ending humiliation

eh-ARX: an eternal humiliation ARX

eh-ARX memory: memory of an eh-ARX

Why “Staff Shortage” Is No Excuse

Hospitals will say, “We had to have a male professional remove the female patient’s clothes because there were no female professionals around and we had to have a female professional remove the male patient’s clothes because there were no male professionals around.”  What a bunch of morons!  It is a hospital’s duty to be sure there are always female and male professionals available.

Why Doctors Are Morally Stupid

Medical schools, hospitals, doctors, nurses, CNA’s, etc., etc. are morally stupid because they only look at the fact that they are being clinical (emotionally detached) when they see a patient partially or fully nude.  They do not consider that their patients aren’t necessarily being clinical and may be hypersensitive about modesty.  Once again, the medical schools, hospitals, doctors, nurses, CNA’s, etc., etc. have proven themselves to be a bunch of morons!

Why All Doctors Are Dirtbags


Medical schools, hospitals, doctors, nurses, CNAs, etc., etc. are ethical dirtbags because they do not reasonably protect the physical privacy (modesty [sexual clothedness]) of people by reasonably restricting matters of physical privacy to the appropriate gender. For example, emergency rooms should have female medical people to take care of women and male medical people to take care of men, in matters of physical privacy. Another example is hospital gowns, which are open in the back. What a bunch of morons!

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